The Sacramento Area Science Project (SASP) provides a variety of high quality professional development services for K-12 teachers of science. The services range in scope from multi-year grant-funded collaborative programs to district-based staff development days to classroom-based coaching. We can provide facilitation for science teacher professional learning communities, including lesson study and classroom-based research. We work with a select group of university science and education faculty from UC Davis and Sacramento State to design and implement our professional development programs. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you.

Support your Teachers

Support your teachers’ attendance at our professional learning programs! By arranging a payment agreement with us in advance, your teachers can register for our programs and we will streamline the payment process directly with the district. Based on positive teacher feedback, several schools and districts in the region allocate funds for this purpose each year.  These professional learning programs include Science in the River City (SIRC), Super SIRC, and the SASP Summer Institute.  Please contact Debbie Dennick ( to set up an agreement to support your teachers.

Assistance with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Are your teachers ready for the shifts called for by the NGSS in instruction and learning? Do you understand the differences and similarities between NGSS and Common Core? We can help you and your teachers understand the intent and architecture of the NGSS. We will provide you with tools for planning and implementing NGSS-aligned units and lessons. We can also provide assistance with understanding the various district-level science course decisions that will need to be made for all grade levels.

Assistance with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the Science Classroom

Engaging students in reading, writing, and dialogue in the science classroom is called for by the Common Core State Standards, and it is an important way to help students understand the fundamental ideas of science. The SASP Science Literacy Framework training is a research-based and effective method of attending to the Common Core Standards in the science setting.

Science Content Workshops

Through our connections with outstanding science instructors and Sacramento State, UC Davis, community colleges, and our extensive network of teacher leaders, we can provide science content workshops to meet the needs of teachers in any science discipline and grade level. The workshops are fully aligned with NGSS and incorporate effective pedagogical techniques to improve understanding of the science for teachers and their students.

Collaboration in Grant Writing for Larger-Scale Projects

We collaborate with school districts and County Offices of Education to write grant proposals for funding teacher professional development programs in science. Generally these are multi-year, state and federally funded projects which provide a cohort of teachers with extensive professional development experiences including summer institutes, science workshops, and in-class support during the school year. Contact us if you are interested in collaborating on a grant proposal.

Support for Professional Learning Communities

Schools characterized with strong patterns of collaboration among teachers can result in increased student achievement. We can assist you in developing true professional learning communities with your science teachers. We have extensive experience in organizing and facilitating school-based lesson study teams, classroom research groups, and other forms of teacher collaboration. We can provide specific workshops and/or ongoing facilitation support for your professional learning communities.