NGSS Support

The Model-Based Educational Resources-Biology (MBER-Bio) program is a 3-year NSF-funded program in which SASP is designing and investigating an integrated suite of educational resources (including online and professional development elements) to support high school biology teachers in both enacting and understanding a year-long sequence of instruction aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

The Practices Resource in Science and Math (PRISM) website is a resource made by teachers for teachers who want to learn more about engaging students in the Science and Engineering Practices as described in the Next Generation Science Standards and in the Mathematical Thinking Practices as described in the Common Core State Standards. We have gathered video clips of students and teachers engaged in the Practices together, interviews with teachers about shifts in instruction, useful tips, frames for thinking about integrating the Practices into learning, and more. It is meant to serve as a platform to promote discussion with your colleagues about approaches to instruction, a source for understanding shifts in how you teach that can support the Practices, and strategies for more authentic ways to engage students in math and science.

Sacramento Area Science Project leadership team and staff have authored books and articles using their years of experience in teaching and researching pedagogy in the science classroom. Visit our Publications page for more information.